Tugboat - Grettir the strong

Welcome aboard Grettir

Grettir the strong , is named after a caracter of the Icelandic sagas famous for his enourmos strength. This tugboat is strong, powerfull and reliable for tugging and assisting vessels.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Overview of Grettir

Great tugboat for assisting vessels in and near harbor or towing them over the open sea.

Argus cabins

Comfortable and warm cabin with retro wood interior. With spacious closet, cozy corner with a table, and a chair. Desk and TV.

Argus suite

A nice retro-looking suite with a small sitting lounge, desk, double bed, and bathroom.


Nice shower rooms, a hot tub, and a jet pool on the deck. Perfect for relaxing after a great day. Changes of Northern lights by night.


Friendly little gym to get the blood flowing. Treadmill, rowing machine, and dumbbells.

Bar lounge

The most popular place on board except for the decks. Here you can have a nice drink, look outside the windows to see what is ahead and have a pleasant time with other passengers. There is service at the bar, which is open 24hrs for self-service.


Nice and relaxing room to sit down and have a nice time talking, reading, or watching TV.

Dining messroom

Be ready to experience adventures from modern arctic cuisine with raw materials from the areas we travel to in perfect harmony with honest classical food. If we are lucky, we get to eat freshly caught fish from the sea caught by passengers.

Ice watch tower

Book a unique tower hour in the Ice watch tower. It is a great way to experience the sea, icebergs, and nature—Max two persons at a time. You need to book time in the tower in advance.

Change room

Everyone has to wear a floating overall. It is nice to get inside and out of them in the warmth.


In case of an accident or sudden illness, there is a special infirmary room on board and trained personnel.


While sailing, reading a good book, or looking at excellent photographs of people, places, and animals in Greenland and Iceland can be very nice.

Ski storage

Handy storage for skis, snowboards, and other equipment you would not like to take to your cabin.

Main deck

Being outside, finding the fresh air, and watching endless gems of pure wild nature are the most significant moments. Nice chairs, sun beds, warm blankets, and a fireplace will do the trick.

Lower deck

When the weather is cold, windy, and rainy, it is great to sit in the stern on the lower deck where it is less windy, having the upper deck above.

Helicopter pad

It's optional in some tours to get sightseeing flights with helicopters right from the ship. For heliskiing trips, the take-off is from the ship.

Hot tub

Nice shower rooms, a hot tub, and a jet pool on the deck. Perfect for relaxing after a great day. Changes of Northern lights by night.

Type:Damen StanTug 3008
Classification:BV+Hull+MACH tug
Unrestricted navigation
IMO No:9171993
Port of registry:Reykjavík
Main Engines:2 x Caterpillar– 3516TA
Total output:2 x 1275 Kw/total 2550 Kw
Accommodation - persons
Accommodation - cabins
Crew member:
Length OA:30,3m
Speed:max 13Kn
Speed (economic):9Kn
Bollard Pull:53mt
Aux Generators:No1 Caterpillar 3304 105KVA
No2 Caterpillar 3304 105KVA
380V & 50Hz
Proulsion:2 x Controllable pitch Conventional
Bowthruster:112 Kw
Towing wire:1 drum with cables 400m x 44mm 125 mt BL
Towing winch:100T Brake Load
Towing hook:65T NWL

Engine room

Overview of the engine room. For more information, please get in touch with us.

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Tanks capacity

Overview of tanks capacity

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Deck equipment

Overview of the equipment on deck attached to the ship.

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Navigation equipment

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Going ashore

We can arrange for all kinds of equipment stationed on board, but here is a list of the equipment on board for getting ashore.

RIB boat

On the RIB boat tour, we can cover large areas of the Icefjords and get close to the icebergs.

Inflateble boats

On a Zodiac, we can cover large areas of the ice fjords and get close to the icebergs.

Jet ski

There are two Jet-Skis aboard for quick rescue purposes.


A helicopter pad on Argus was mainly used for sightseeing flights, or Heliskiing was available.